Art residence

"Dacha Benois"

логотип арт-резиденции дача Бенуа в Петергофе

Benois' dacha in Peterhof - Art residence of St. Petersburg State University

and Public Local Lore Park

"Settlement" Enlightenment ""

Petrashen E.P.,

Senior Lecturer, St. Petersburg State University,

Head of the Educational Program “Environmental Design”, St. Petersburg State University.


   Our project proposes to restore unique monuments of history and culture - the dachas of M.N. Benois, A.A. Grube and L.I. Kron.

Проект восстановления дачи Бенуа в Петергофе

   As a new function of the complex, it is proposed to organize in them a creative space for active cultural exchange, creative and local history work - an Art Residence and a Public Local Lore Park with a museum exposition in the format of an educational museum.

   The work plan for the project includes pre-project surveys, priority emergency response and conservation measures, development and approval of projects for the restoration and adaptation of each object of the complex, historical and cultural expertise, and implementation of restoration work.  All these works are planned to be carried out in the "open laboratory" mode, combining them with educational, cultural, educational and volunteer events, fundraising. As a result, the SPbU Art Residence “Dacha Benois” will become an example and model of the revitalization model based on the Sustainable Development Goals, a methodological center for supporting initiatives in the protection and revival of cultural heritage sites.

План проекта ревитализации дачи Бенуа в Петергофе

   A significant part of the pre-project stage has already been completed by students and teachers of St Petersburg University, with the support of the members of the initiative group of the project - external experts. The project concept and sustainable model of revitalization were formed as part of the master's degree in environmental design M. Svetlova in 2019 and received the approval of the leadership of St Petersburg University and KGIOP. The finalization of the concept is carried out within the framework of participation in competitions for grant support. The preliminary estimate of the cost of the project is 300 million rubles. The audience of the project is constantly expanding due to the promotion of the project in social networks, publications in the media, participation in conferences.

Востребованность функций и мероприятий на даче Бенуа в Петергофе
Типология пространств дач Бенуа, Грубе, Крона в Петергофе

  The coverage of the target audience through partner channels in the social network VKontakte is 58,000 people. The preliminary estimate of the scale of the target audience of the project, taking into account the concept of scaling, was 10 million people. Target segments will expand as fundraising and marketing events are held, the site is developed and the project is implemented.

Проект восстановления дачи Крона в Петергофе