Dacha Benois

in Peterhof

эскиз фасада дачи Бенуа в Петергофе

Sketch of the facade of dacha of M.N. Benois.

Author L.N. Benois.

Dacha of Mikhail Nikolaevich Benois.

An architectural monument of the late 19th century.

Architect Leonty Nikolaevich Benois, 1892

Until 1917, this building was part of the dacha village of the Bobylskaya village, where representatives of the artistic and business intelligentsia of St. Petersburg built their dachas. The place was landscaped and was a kind of cultural center of summer country life.

дача Бенуа Бобыльск Петергоф.jpg

Benois dacha, 1892

дачи Л.Н. Бенуа и А.Э. Мейснера Бобыльск Петергоф

Dachi L.N. Benois and A.E. Meissner, 1897

In 1891, according to the project of L. N. Benois, two dachas in the "English style" were built here, standing "like two sisters" a few meters from the coastline, for the families of Leonty Nikolaevich himself and his son-in-law, Alexander Evaldovich Meisner.

A year later, he also built the third, surviving today, dacha of Mikhail Nikolaevich Benois, brother of Leonty Nikolaevich, a former naval officer.

The Benois family is the largest artistic dynasty in St. Petersburg. Its most prominent representatives are the chief architect of Peterhof and the Imperial Theaters of the second half of the 19th century, professor of architecture Nikolai Leontyevich Benois, the author of such notable buildings in Peterhof as the Main Imperial Stables, the Freilinsky and Kavaliersky corps, the Post Office, the Palace Hospital and the New Peterhof Station. His sons: the famous watercolorist, academician of architecture, Albert Nikolaevich Benois; architect, city planner, academician and professor of architecture Leonty Nikolaevich Benois; painter and theater decorator, author of works on the history of Russian and world painting, founder of the art association "World of Art" Alexander Benois. The nephews of Nikolai Leontyevich Benois: architect Nikolai Evgenievich Lancere and sculptor Evgeny Evgenievich Lansere, artist Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova (née Lansere) and others - all of them often visited the Bobylskaya village. You can learn more about the numerous representatives of the dynasty in the Benois Family Museum, located in the building of the former Ladies' building in Petrodvorets, Alexandriiskoye Shosse, 8, which is part of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve.

Дача Бенуа Бобыльск Петергоф

Dacha M.N. Benois, end of XIX - begining of XX centuries.

In 1920, the dachas of L. N. Benois and A. E. Meissner were destroyed by fire. The land on which they stood was alienated to the state, and Leonty Nikolayevich was allowed to retain, as a dacha, the former household yard with buildings, where his descendants still live. All other dachas were nationalized and transferred to the Union of Education Workers for a health resort, later the Teacher's Rest House. The wooden buildings of the summer cottages underwent completion and redevelopment, which distorted their appearance, and the layout of the territory changed significantly.

дом отдыха учитель дачи бенуа.jpg

Panel of the rest house "Teacher".

In 1973, the territory of the Rest House was transferred to the Leningrad State University as a sports base. However, it was practically not used in any way.

Currently, it is planned to restore dacha buildings and use them as the Creative base of the Faculty of Arts of St. Petersburg State University. On the territory, which is a valuable natural, historical, cultural and scientific and practical resource, educational and cultural events will be carried out within the framework of educational, international and interuniversity activities of the faculty with the support of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve.